Redpath’s Beekeeping Supplies

About Us

Redpath’s Beekeeping Supplies has been a family beekeeping business since 1964. It is currently operated by Alan Redpath and is one minute away from the Parkdale railway station.

The business was founded by Alan’s father Norman who had a passion for beekeeping and eventually operated up to 300 hives while selling beekeeping supplies, beekeeping equipment and a variety of honey in Australia in both wholesale and retail.

Redpath’s Beekeeping Supplies has the largest stock of beekeeping supplies in Victoria, making it the biggest beekeeping equipment supplier in the area.

With that being said, the large showroom provides a environment for beekeepers to inspect the best beekeeping equipment in Australia, and ask different questions about raising bees.



Beekeeping Tools

Uncapping is the first step in extracting the honey from the frame and consists of the removal of the wax layer that closes the cells containing the honey.

Very useful to carry out this activity are forks, rollers, electric, steam or water heated knives as well as tiered uncapping units and strainers on which to place the frame, to collect and filter the cappings and honey.

We have a vast range of products available to our customers from simple uncapping trays up to more intricately designed semi-automatic manual uncapping machines. We stock Portuguese, Australian, Italian and Chinese made smokers and hive tools as well as multiple Varroa detection kits.

Honey Extractors

Honey extraction is the operation that takes place after uncapping the honeycomb where the honey is stored. To carry out this operation it is necessary to use a honey extractor which, thanks to centrifugal force, causes the honey to flow out from the honeycomb without destroying it. 

We offer a wide range of honey extractors:

2 frame to 16 frame, radial, tangential or reversible, manual or motorized, to adapt to the specific needs of beekeepers hobbyist to commercial or anywhere between.

We also have a rental extractor available.


Honey Handling & Wax Treatment Equipment

Finally the honey tank, settling tank, maturation tank or “ripener” is a container used to store the honey extracted from the frames in the final process before proceeding with the packaging operation. Our settling tanks are made of stainless steel or plastic and have a valve or “honey gate” which is always placed at the base from which to draw honey directly or to connect a tube and a honey pump.

Honey being so heavy and dense always sinks to the bottom with any debris such as pollen, wood or bee wings or legs floating to the very top, away from the honey gate at the bottom until the last pour.The capacity of our honey tanks ranges from 15 kg up to 500 kg. We also have honey liquifying wands, warming cabinets, pumps, filters, spare parts and specific stands.

Company Profile

Redpaths Beekeeping Supplies offers a massive variety of beekeeping products, such as woodware, extractors, tools and supplies, honey handling, wax treatment.

Wax, Pollen and a seasonally available range of the best Australian produced single blossom and local Honeys are available by the kilo.

The production and sale of beeswax foundation

For Redpath’s Beekeeping Supplies, the manufacturing and sale of beeswax foundation is a source of pride. The Weed Process produces a pure and flexible beeswax foundation that is simple to deal with and also preferred by bees. 


Pete Mackay
Pete Mackay
Great local business. Fantastic and diverse range of independently sourced honey to test. You will never buy supermarket honey again.
Elliot Jackson
Elliot Jackson
One of Melbourne's hidden gems! Staff are super nice & helpful. Big range & Incredible honey as well! 100% worth a visit!
Jack Kerr
Jack Kerr
Great culture and very knowledgeable staff
hamish mcintyre
hamish mcintyre
Great staff friendly informative service heaps of stock with a good range of products.
Chris Newnham
Chris Newnham
High Quality Bee keeping equipment, frames and Bee boxes.
Jason Begg
Jason Begg
A friend picked my order, so can only comment that my order of jars was correct and put together in a very short period of time.
Scott w
Scott w
Professional friendly service, stocks top quality equipment,