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Honey creamer – 50kg


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Honey creaming is a mechanical process performed cold. It always works with honey and crystallizes and is subjected to the action of three paddles which presses, breaks and beats, thus separating the crystals, forming a creamy honey that remains stable and is much more manageable for the consumer.

Because of the screw-type vanes, honey is always transported from the bottom up during the stirring process. This has the advantage that the creamer machine can also be used without being completely full.

The existing timer offers you the possibility to set different intervals per day.

  • 90 W / 230 V Flat gear motor
  • Approx. 23 rpm
  • Inner tank Ø 30 cm
  • Tank and stainless steel mixing device
  • Total height: 75 cm
  • Incl. Plug-in timer
  • Output: honey valve, clear width 36 mm

The paddle screw always moves the honey from the bottom of the tank to the top so no air can be trapped in the honey. This works no matter how full the tank is, but don’t fill it any higher than 3 cm under the brim to avoid that the motor gets in touch with the honey once the honey becomes creamy.

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