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SMART 2 electronic dosing machine with stainless steel support surface

The electronic dosing machine is the most useful professional machine when large quantities of honey have to be processed.
Once the maturation phase is over, the honey is ready to be put into jars, to be then sold to the end customer.

To be able to pot a large amount of honey in total safety, you need professional equipment that lasts over time.

The machine is equipped with 2 working modes:
Automatic mode
 allows you to work by programming the amount of honey to be dispensed for each jar, how many jars to produce, what speed to use and much more.
Manual mode
 lets the operator control the amount of honey to dispense and the speed at which to go.

The SMART doser is equipped with a very powerful pump that allows you to jar the honey directly from the ripener or from any container. Designed to work any type of honey, thanks to the sophisticated electronic panel that manages the different dosage parameters, such as the speed of the gears and the drop-cut return, the doser will be able to jar both very hard and very liquid honeys.

The special drip system allows precise dosages without dripping honey between one jar and the next. The jars and worktop will always be clean and perfect.

With a production of 350 jars per hour (half kg jars), the productivity of your laboratory is guaranteed.

The intuitive touch screen system on the front panel allows you to set all the dosage parameters and to customize the machine as much as possible.


Here are the main advantages of the Smart automatic dosing machine in brief:

– Electronic sensor for the recognition of the jars
– 2 working modes, automatic and manual
– Maximum customization of all parameters
– Adjustable in height to adapt to any container
– Intuitive and easy to use touch screen
– Drop-cutting return to prevent honey from falling during dosing
– Quality of stainless steel in all main components


Manufacturing: AISI 304 stainless steel
Production: 350 jars / hour (500 gr)
Accuracy: ± 3 gr
Adjustment: from 20 to 9999 gr.
Total size: 220x200x350 mm
Priming: <1000 mm
Power supply: 220 V
Absorption: 200 W
Total weight: 10 kg

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Weight 40 kg
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