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Lega Honey Extractor 4 frame


4 LANGSTROTH manual tangential honey extractor in food-grade stainless steel, diameter ø 520 mm, with stainless steel cage for 4 Langstroth super frames, polyamide bevel gear transmission, ø 40 mm plastic tap, 3 removable legs in painted steel and transparent lid with hinges .

Made to last, thanks to the stainless steel of both the vat and the cage, the honey extractor is robust, silent and reliable like all the honey extractors created in the Lega factory.

Being small in size 4 Langstroth honeycombs) it is suitable for small honey extraction workshops.

This honey extractor is one of the smallest in the Lega range, but has the same quality as our entire line as it is made with the same components used for the larger honey extractors. The vat and the cage are in stainless steel, as required by the legislation on materials in contact with honey.

The shape and structure of the extractor make it solid, stable and long-lasting. No limit to the number of frames to be honey extracted, Lega honey extractors will accompany you over time, as only a quality product can do.

The extractor is MADE IN ITALY, which means that it has been designed and built within the Lega factory, with all the experience and quality that has always characterized us.


– Tangential honey extractor
– Food grade stainless steel AISI 304
– Made in Italy
– TIG welding
– Stability and strength thanks to the J-shaped steel legs
– Easy to clean
– Easy to use


– Extractor diameter: Ø 52 cm
– Manual transmission and brake
– Tangential cage in stainless steel
– Code of the cage: #4607600
– Diameter of the cage: 475 mm
– Height of the cage: 390 mm
– Capacity: 4 Langstroth frames

If you are unable to collect from Parkdale, please contact us for a freight cost.

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Weight 52.50 kg
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