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Smoker – Lega 10 cm stainless steel


Smoker in stainless steel, ø 100 mm, with vinyl leather bellows, complete with protection cage

Designed and built on the ORIGINAL LEGA design from the 1960s

The front hook allows you to comfortably “hook” the smoker without having to place it on the ground, avoiding burning the surfaces and for easy storage. The external bellows allow the air to reach the fuel from below, because the air inlet hole of the boiler is located in the lower part of the smoker.

Solid and long-lasting tool, built to last. The top dome opens using a lever incorporated into the dome itself, allowing you to conveniently open the smoker with one hand.

Easy to clean and defined by beekeepers as indestructible, the LEGA smoker will be the indispensable tool that will accompany you for many years in your profession.

The smoker is made and assembled inside the LEGA factories,  in Italy

Like every Lega product, it was conceived and designed by beekeepers for beekeepers.


Body Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: ø 100 mm
Bellows Material: Wood and Vinyl

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Weight 4.2 kg