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Uncapping Knife – Water heated


Stainless steel uncapping knife, sharp on both edges, with 280 mm long blade.
The uncapping knife is sharpened on both sides, so you can cut the caps from both directions.

Uncapping, the initial phase in the processing of honey, consists in removing the caps, which are nothing more than the way in which the bees close the cells where they deposit the honey.

The wax caps seal the cell and protect the honey, preventing it from escaping.

The wax and honey that are removed by uncapping can be processed to separate the operculum from the wax.

The uncapping knife must be sturdy and have a solid handle, so that you can work as well as possible without getting injured.


Material: Stainless Steel and Plastic

Weight: 162gr

Dimensions: 42cm x 3.5cm

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Weight 0.27 kg