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Stainless steel strainer – to fit 400kg Lega tank


Full diameter stainless steel honey filter in stainless steel mesh for 400 kg tank, with diameter ø 625 mm, with stainless steel mesh and 1,5×1,5mm holes.

It’s necessary to filter the honey after honey extraction, to remove impurities present inside honey, such as pieces of wax, wood residues of frames and organic parts of insects.

Once has been extracted, the honey must then be filtered before passing to the tank for decanting.

Filter is full-diameter, so it adheres perfectly to the tank, leaving no empty spaces and with the possibility of placing the tank lid over the filter itself.

The structure of the filter adheres completely to the tank, preventing it from falling into it.

Like the tank, the filter is also made within the Lega factory, which makes it Made in Italy but above all Made in Lega


– Made entirely of stainless steel
– Resistant
– Easily washable
– Perfect fit with the tank
– Perfect fit with the lid


– Body material: Stainless steel
– Net material: Stainless steel
– Compatible with: 400kg tank
– Diameter ø: 625 mm
– Stainless steel mesh holes: 1,5×1,5 mm

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Weight 16 kg
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