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Redpaths Beegoods

Swarm Collection

Need a swarm collected

DPI Victoria

Bee information including registration

Southside beekeeping Club

Meets the 4th Wednesday of each month

The Doncaster Beekeeping Club

Meets 3rd Thursday of every month

Geelong Beekeeping Club

Meets 3rd Friday of each month.For further information contact

VAA Melbourne

Melbourne Beekeeping section

Collingwood Children Farm

Melbourne Section Apiary

Honeybee organisation

Honeybee organisation

Beekeeping as a hobby

Hobby Beekeeping

Building and wiring frames – You Tube

Good tips here

Bees and Swarming



Bee information


Bees and Pollination


Crops pollinated by bees

Wax moth

DPI advice on wax moth

Hive beetle management NSQ

NSW hive beetle management


Crops pollinated by bees

Small hive beetle

Small hive beetle